Baltimore Comic Con 2012: Favorite Cosplayers

This year, Baltimore Comic Con held its 4th annual costume contest on Sunday from 1-4 which was hosted by Stylin’ Online.  Below is a gallery of our favorite cosplayers we saw walking the con floor and waiting to be judged before the costume contest.  Let us know which ones are your favorites in the comments section!

Captain Marvel & Deadpool

Cassie of Hack/Slash

Captain America & Hawkeye

Harley Quinn & Deadpool

Blue Beetle & Booster Gold

Dark Phoenix

The Riddlers

Drogo, Boba Fett, Daenerys

Power Girl

Green Lanterns

LEGO Batman

Lady Loki

The 10th Doctor, a Dalek & the 11th Doctor

Catwoman & Green Arrow

Jean Grey, Dazzler & Storm


Tuxedo Mask