Baltimore Comic Con 2012: Marvel NOW! Panel

One of the most exciting panels during Baltimore Comic Con was the Marvel NOW! Panel moderated by Tom Brevoort and Mark Waid.  The panel described all of the new and exciting titles that Marvel is debuting within the next few months.  Marvel NOW! is the perfect jumping on point for new readers who have not previously read comics, but the updated takes on stories will still satisfy dedicated fans.  I live tweeted throughout the entirety of the panel, but in case you missed it, here is what we have to look forward to!

  • AvX is completed as of last night and will be in stores soon! #MarvelNOW
  • @TomBrevoort Took an audience poll and everyone is overwhelmingly on the Avengers side #AvX#MarvelNOW
  • A+X comes out in October and everyone’s favorite comic writer@DanSlott will be working on a Captain America story! #MarvelNOW
  • Now @MarkWaid is telling us about his new Hulk title which debuts in November #MarvelNOW
  • @MarkWaid says that his Hulk is similar to Ruffalo’s Hulk in Marvel’s The Avengers #MarvelNOW

  • One lucky audience member was called up on stage to read Iron Man #1 which also debuts in November #MarvelNOW
  • Also coming in November are Thor #1 & Captain America #1#MarvelNOW
  • @mattfraction will be taking over Fantastic Four & FF in Nov. Allred will be doing the artwork #MarvelNOW
  • In Deadpool #1 all of the past presidents will come back as zombies #MarvelNOW

  • There will be new and possibly multiple X-Force titles but@tombrevoort won’t reveal them yet! #MarvelNOW
  • X 23 will be in a new #MarvelNOW book and the title in which will be revealed within the next 2 weeks
  • @MarkWaid is staying away from established villains for the first few months in The Hulk #MarvelNOW
  • The audience member reading Iron Man #1 gives it an A+#MarvelNOW

  • If you aren’t up to date on your favorite titles or you’re interested in starting to read #MarvelNOW is the perfect jumping on point!
  • All of the #MarvelNOW titles @tombrevoort brought are getting a very positive response from the readers chosen to preview them
  • Just a side note, @MarkWaid is hilarious! #MarvelNOW
  • Fear not: Other Nick Fury is still around and kicking! #MarvelNOW

  • @MarkWaid says they’ll never run out of purple pants in the Marvel Universe despite never seeing any when he goes to Target#MarvelNOW
  • @tombrevoort says that @DanSlott would be quivering if he knew that he was discussing Amazing Spider-Man. #MarvelNOW (Just wait until #700)
  • @MarkWaid had my brother stand up and model the “I’m Not Daredevil” @welovefinetees he’s wearing during the #MarvelNOWpanel!
  • An audience member just asked if Cyclops is being lobotomized.@tombrevoort says to read AvX #11 & find out #MarvelNOW

Just to clarify, Tom Brevoort did not coin the term “other Nick Fury.”  An audience member phrased their question as such and Tom answered accordingly.