DIY Despicable Me Minion Cupcakes

I am a huge fan of the movie Despicable Me, and it’s mostly because of the little yellow Minions that faithfully serve Gru. Back in June, I attended Cupcakes Lovers Weekend where I spotted this adorable Minion inspired cake:

I loved the cake so much that I decided to recreate it, but with a twist. Instead of a cake, I chose to make cupcakes.

Minion Cupcakes Recipe

What You Will Need:
Vanilla Box Cake Mix or your own recipe (I used The Ultimate Vanilla Cupcake Recipe for my cupcakes)
Buttercream Frosting
Blue Food Coloring
Black Writing Icing
Smarties Candy (White)
Chocolate Sprinkles

1. Bake your cupcakes. Let cool.
2. Mix the blue food coloring into your frosting until desired shade is achieved.
3. Frost your cupcakes.
4. Cut Twinkies in half (one Twinkie will make two Minions).
5. Use the Black Writing Icing to draw two circles onto the Twinkie where you want the goggles to be.
6. Press the white Smarties into the icing. The icing will spread out from underneath, creating the rims of the goggles. Add a dot of icing to each Smartie to create the eyes.
7. Draw lines to create the goggle straps, and add a mouth.
8. Stick chocolate sprinkles into the top of the Twinkie for hair.
9. Gently press the Twinkie into the cupcake, and…