Doctor Who: Buy An Officially Licensed Full-Size TARDIS

What Doctor Who fan hasn’t dreamt of having their very own TARDIS? I know I have. Now, those dreams can become reality thanks to This Planet Earth. Well, at least if you live in the U.K.

This Planet Earth specializes in building TV and movie props. The company recently began taking orders to build custom full-size TARDISes. The company currently offers seven versions of the famous blue box, from the 1960’s style to the one currently helmed by Matt Smith.

Each TARDIS is officially licensed by the BBC and recreated in wood to the original BBC design specs. This Planet Earth will even deliver your fully assembled TARDIS to you if you live in the U.K. No word yet on delivery to the U.S., but a girl can hope. Of course, having your own TARDIS won’t come cheap. The price tag starts at $5600. See more pics below.