Kickstarter: ‘Mini Comics Included’ by Tim Seeley, Steve Seeley & Mike Moreci

Mini Comics Included is a newly launched Kickstarter by Tim Seeley, Steve Seeley and Mike Moreci’s for their line of new comics.  The project includes six all new 80’s style comic series that are based on toy lines the creator’s wish had existed.  Each comic will be printed individually with 16 pages of original story and art, and sized to the format of the mini-comics that accompany toys.  But not only will you be Kickstarting the comics, Mini Comics Included also incorporates actual toys into their comics.  According to the Kickstarter page, “Ben Spencer’s Galaxxor and Bigman Toys’ Treegarr appear in The Omega Family; Brandon Barker’s Bog-nar is a character in Dead Star Divas. Even Tim is jumping into the toy game, sculpting and custom painting the lead characters (casted by Barker) from Dead Star Divas. He and Steve are also casting and custom painting Skraven, Edgar Allan Poe’s hench raven from Literary Commandos.”  Some of the toys will only be available exclusively as incentives to backing their project, as well as two awesome prints (one by Tim Seeley and one by Ryan Browne). For a full look at the new comic series, incentives, and how to help fund Mini Comics Included, you can visit their Kickstarter page.

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