Movie Review: The Cabin in the Woods

If you haven’t already seen The Cabin in the Woods, today is the perfect opportunity to pick up a copy of the film and indulge.  You can purchase a copy on Amazon for $14.99-$19.96 (depending on whether you want the DVD, instant video, or Blu-ray).  This film literally bleeds Whedon.  Upon the viewing the film for the first time, it was evident why Whedon pushed to get this made.  The film follows a bunch of college kids who decide to spend their weekend in a cabin in the woods.  On their journey into the woods, they run into a brazen and creepy man when they stop for gas, which in any horror movie is the initial bad omen of the forthcoming events.  Yet they choose to continue to their destination despite receiving a warning.  While the film has all of the elements of your typical B movie horror film, the end result is anything but.  We find out early on that a group of scientists are actually responsible for enabling their secluded house of horrors.  We say enabling because although the scientists may manipulate factors of the groups environment, the kids are ultimately responsible for the choices that lead them on their desired road to destruction.  The question you’ll be asking yourself throughout the film is, why.  That is as much as we’ll tell you about the plot because The Cabin in the Woods is all about the element of surprise.  The less you know going into the film, the better off you are.  The script was co-written by Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard and the result is a cinematic masterpiece.  Goddard, who also directed the film, previously worked on ABC’s Lost, so he was the perfect choice for creating and maintaining suspense throughout the movie.  The movie starred Kristen Connolly as Dana (the virgin), Chris Hemsworth as Curt (the athlete), Anna Hutchinson as Jules (the whore), Brian White as Daniel (the scholar), and Fran Kranz as Marty (the burnout).  The team of scientists was led by Richard Jenkins as Sitterson, and Bradley Whitford as Hadley.  To classify the film as a horror movie would be incorrect.  There are too many comedic bits and the overall message of the film is too complex and meaningful to fit alongside any recent film in the horror genre.  If you’ve already seen the film, we highly suggest viewing this exclusive blu-ray clip about the making of the monsters in The Cabin in the Woods.  If you haven’t already seen the film, your top priority should be purchasing it and watching it tonight!